Residual Current Circuit Breaker


One of the main factors in the occurrence of financial damage, injuries and loss of life, especially in residential houses, office centers, commercial centers and industrial complexes, is non-observance of safety issues in the use of electrical energy. In order to protect people’s lives against the risk of electric shock and to prevent the risks of leakage current, switches to protect against the risk of electric shock or life protectors are used. Life protector is a type of automatic switch that is made to protect people and equipment against leakage current and electric shock. The basis of the work of the residual current circuit breaker (RCCB) is to compare the input current with the output current of the switch. The input of the life protector is phase and null. When the life protector is placed in the circuit, it can prevent people from electrocution caused by direct contact or indirect contact. Direct contact occurs when a person is in direct contact with the phase, and indirect contact is when the body of the electrical equipment conductor is energized due to a connection and the person touches the energized body. When contacting the electrified body or the phase itself, a current passes through the human body, which is called leakage current. In the first phase, BURUX has put two-pole and four-pole circuit breakers with a nominal current of 25 and 32 amps and a leakage current of 30 milliamps in its product portfolio.