Telecommunication Cable


Telecommunication cable is one of the most common cables in the field of communication. This cable is used to transmit telecommunication signals and usually has a copper conductor with a thickness of 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm. The cross section of these cables has a direct relationship with their signal transmission power. Therefore, more copper has been used in cables with a larger core diameter, and these cables can be used for longer distances, without losing the quality. The specifications of these cables are as follows:

  • Two pairs with foil, 4 pairs with foil, 6 pairs with foil
  • Conductor: annealed copper wire (group 1)
  • With electrostatic protection: polyester tape – copper earth wire – aluminum foil
  • Insulation: a mixture of polyethylene
  • Cover: a mixture of PVC with gray color
  • Application: in fixed telephone installations inside the building

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